Arcus is out now!

After many, many months, I’ve finally released Arcus, my first ‘proper’ game. You can buy it on for less than the price of a cup of coffee, or, if you’re unsure, play a demo version of the game for free.

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s a Q & A (with questions totally not made up by me) to tell you everything you could possibly want to know about the game:

What is this?! 2D? Stickmen? I could make this with a black marker!

It’s a challenging 2D action platformer with 20 levels, a whole bunch of different enemies and obstacles, and the ability to fire a bow and arrow and slow down time. You could… probably draw a fairly accurate screenshot of it with a black marker, if you wanted to.


What does Arcus even mean anyway?

It means ‘arrow’ in… some old language. It also means a bunch of other stuff involving corneas, clouds and insect legs that I wasn’t aware of at the time, but… yeah.


Who made this?

Me. The music and most of the sounds came from royalty free sources, but everything else (art, programming, design, menus, etc.) was done by me.


What made this?

GameMaker was the engine used, with used for a lot of the graphics and Audacity for the sounds. Some other tools were involved, but they’re the main ones.


You said before that you would never charge for this and now you’re charging for this! Sellout!

Yep, you are indeed correct – I did tweet a while ago that Arcus was a game I would never charge for. But that was quite early on in development, and many hundreds of hours have gone in since. I feel that I’ve put a hell of a lot of work into Arcus, and that it is worth the price I’m asking. Do I feel bad for reneging on my original tweet? Yes, a bit, but things change. There is a demo available if you’d like to give it a try for free first.


I want to play Arcus but I don’t want to pay money!

As I said, there’s a demo you can play. Alternatively, I doubt it would be massively difficult to pirate the game, but that’s your call. If you do pirate it and enjoy it though, please consider skipping a cup of coffee in your near future and buying a legitimate copy!


The game is broken!

Any technical problems, please let me know! You can find a few ways to contact me here:


The game is crap! I want my money back!

Currently, the game is only available to buy on Gamejolt and, and I’m not sure what their refund policy is. However, if you paid for Arcus, and subsequently hate it, then we can try and work something out (although you probably should have played the demo first…)


How can I get updates on stuff you’re working on?

Twitter is your best bet – follow me here:


What other shite will you release in the future?!

I’ve currently got a few small projects I’m working on getting polished up and released (for free) over the coming months. After that, I’m going to dive back into a bigger project – I’ve a few ideas floating around; haven’t settled on one yet though.

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