Arcus public beta is available to test!


After way too long of a time, and way too many coffees, I’ve gotten Arcus into a stable, playable, and somewhat finished state. Now comes the really hard part – letting other people tear apart the thing you’ve created!

If you’ve got the time, giving Arcus a go and completing the feedback form will help me immensely. Here are links to both the game and the form:

Download the game here

Go to the feedback form here

To play the game, just download the .zip file, extract anywhere, and run the executable. The game should start up immediately. If there’s no sound or music, it may be because your antivirus software hasn’t finished scanning it – just quit and start it back up again to remedy this.

There’s no obligation to complete the feedback form – feel free to just play the game as much as you want – but every bit of feedback is incredibly appreciated. If you have any problems with the links, the game, or the form, your best bet is to tweet me – profile link here.

A bit about Arcus – it’s a 2D action platformer developed solely by me in GameMaker. You can run, jump, fire a bow and arrow, and slow down time. The aim is simple – get to the end of the level and destroy all enemies without dying. It’s tough, but (hopefully) mostly fair.

You can play with keyboard and mouse, or gamepad. You can switch between either control method instantly (or if you’re insane, use a combination of both!) There’s a quick tutorial level to familiarise you with the basics too (although it doesn’t cover everything, so do experiment!)

There’s an option available to disable the fog effects, which may improve performance if you’re getting low FPS. If this doesn’t help your performance, please let me know, as I’ve only been able to test Arcus myself on a very limited number of hardware configurations.

The game is Windows only at the moment, unfortunately – sorry, Mac and Linux users!

I hope you enjoy the game, and don’t run into too many technical issues! As previously mentioned, the best way to contact me is always Twitter – here’s a link to my profile again.

Thanks for playing – here are some .gifs:





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