Arcus is a challenging 2D action platformer with 20 levels. The aim of each level is simple: get to the end while avoiding being shot/blown up/eviscerated by snipers, lasers, heat-seeking missiles, circular saws, and whatever other obstacles inhabit each one. You do have a few things to help you – a bow and arrows, and the ability to slow down time.

Controls, how to play, etc. can all be found from the main menu. You can use a gamepad or keyboard and mouse. I would recommend the gamepad for the best experience however. Please let me know if you have any issues or encounter any bugs, otherwise, I hope you enjoy the game!

There is also a free demo version in the link below, if you’re unsure about spending money on it.

You can also get it on GameJolt

Engine: GameMaker: Professional Edition
Programming: Conor O’ Donovan
Art: Conor O’ Donovan
Music: Kevin MacLeod (