Every wannabe games developer has to make a generic zombie shooter at some point, right?

This started life way back in 2015 as a tutorial project I was doing while following Tom Francis’s excellent ‘Make A Game With No Experience’ video series on Youtube.

It sat gathering dust until early 2017, when I decided to polish it up and release it in between other projects.

The premise is pretty simple: survive for as long as possible against endlessly spawning zombies. The longer you survive, the more difficult it gets, but, to turn the tide in your favour slightly, more powerful and exotic weapons will spawn. Progress from handguns and shotguns to rocket launchers, lasers, flamethrowers and chainsaws.

Controls, how to play, etc. can all be found from the main menu. All programming, art and design was done by me, with music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).

Download it from itch.io here.

You can also get it from Gamejolt, here.