This is probably going to be the most difficult post to write

Google has ruined me.

First Blog Post

As soon as I had typed this into Google, I realised just how ridiculous it was. Am I that lacking in creativity?

Twenty minutes later…

Yes, it turns out I am.

There are quite a few reasons why I wanted to start a blog, and during that period at the beginning of January usually spent in the midst of a hangover, still trying to digest several tons of turkey and stuffing, all the while pondering every bad decision you ever made and resolving to instantly better every single aspect of your life overnight, I committed to actually doing it.

And look! Here I am! Doing it! Ermigad.

So why did I want to start a blog?

I like writing. I just don’t do it enough. Or, well, at all. Work emails don’t count – there’s only so many ways you can put a creative spin on sentences such as “I will have that report ready by 5pm”, or “Please find the spreadsheet attached”.

I like reading other peoples’ blogs. I read quite a few different blogs on topics I’m interested, mostly game development, and my favourite ones are always those that include a personal touch among the more technical posts. I know it’s just the voyeuristic nature of humans, but it’s nice to get a genuine insight into the lives of the people behind the words.

I think a blog might help me stay more on track with game development. If I’m posting updates on projects I’m working on, etc., it might give me more of an incentive to see things through till the end.

Wait! I haven’t even said what this blog will mostly be about! Video games! More specifically, game development. That thing I’ve wanted to do since I first learned of the existence of video games, many years ago. While my first experiences with programming were in my early teens, via BASIC (more on that, and my first ever finished video game, in a later post), it’s only in the past few months that I’ve really started to take it seriously.

I have no idea what sort of structure or format this blog will take, or how often I’m going to post. I reckon it will end up being a mix of posts around game development in general, updates on whatever projects I happen to be working on, some posts on the gaming industry as a whole, some personal posts, and maybe a bunch of other random crap.

Or I’ll just post cat pictures, get lots of views, monetise my blog, and retire.

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